Demon Slayer Canvas
Giyu Tomioka

You like Giyu the Water Pillar? You will fall in love in front of this Demon Slayer Art representing him using his Water Breathing techniques!

  • Material: Cotton Canvas
  • Sizes:
    - Medium Size: 20x35cm x2, 20x45cm x2, 20x55cm x1
                                  (8x14in x2, 8x18in x2, 8x22in x1)
    - Large Size: 30x40cm x2, 30x60cm x2, 30x80cm x1
                           (12x16in x2, 12x24in x2, 12x32in x1)
    - X-Large Size: 40x60cm x2, 40x80cm x2, 40x100cm x1
                             (16x24in x2, 16x32in x2, 16x40in x1)
  • Technology: Spray Printing
  • Framed Canvas: Stretched by experts, high quality wood, ready to hang
  • Waterproof and Shockproof!
  • High Quality Image
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