Demon Slayer Lamp
3 Heroes / 3 Senses

Light up your room with our three favorite heroes and their three different enhanced senses, Smell for Tanjiro, Hearing for Zenitsu, and Touch for Inosuke, making them a terrible trio if you had to face them!

  • Material: Optical Acrylic
  • 7 colors change: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and white
  • Options: Choosen color or Auto Color Change
  • Flash Mode/Smooth Mode: Touch Sensor at the base to select your desired mode
  • Remote Control Mode: On/Off, 16 colors, Brightness Adjustable
  • Low consumption: USB Powered or 3 AA Batteries
  • Size: 20x15x0,4cm, Please remove the surface protective before use
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