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Demon Slayer Shop - Affiliate Program

Have you ever dreamed of being able to live off your passion? You love Demon Slayer and you would like to earn some money? 💰

Today with Sakonji Urokodaki 👺, we have opened to you the Demon Slayer Shop Affiliate Program buut only for a limited time⚠️

  1. Put your mail just below and become a Demon Slayer Shop Partner.
  2. Get your affiliate links on your Dashboard
  3. Start talking about us around you and get commissions when a sale has been made thanks to you, trough your links or promo code. (10% each sale)
  4. To get paid, you'll need to link your Paypal account in your special Affiliate Dashboard.

Am I able to join the party?

If you're a blogger, an influencer known on instagram, twitter or just a client... Everyone is accepted to share our passion for Demon Slayer!

What you can do with your fresh new link and code created trough our Affiliate Program:
  • Link it in bio on social media
  • Make a post about it
  • A blog post
  • Or even a Youtube Video!
The possibilities of making our products popular will be in your hands!

⚠️Join Now The Affiliate Program And Start Making Profit! ⚠️